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Skin Therapist (DIPLOMA)


Here we will provide you two types of trainings:

Training from the best in Pakistan

Videos of training from the International Trainers 

Seeme has created a group of classes in which international trainers videos will help students so that in future they can meet the full needs of their clientele.


 FEE.      Rs.65,000/- 



This course will improve and implement facial treatments skills. Facial treatments are highly demanded. Efficient facial treatment needs knowledge about the skin works or errors will be occurred. 

Seeme Academy will give you the opportunity to master this treatment by providing you with the efficient education. Students will learn the basics and important facial treatments. The course includes a wide range of topics and facial training on customers. At the end of this course, students will understand the various skin types and critical skin conditions. The course will present an assortment of tips and tricks to be use to beat the competition and to stand out from others. Students will be taught various products proper use to enhance client’s skin and improve their appearance. It will also train students on the proper use of facial tools and equipment.

As part of the advanced course, you will get complete guidance & practical training in


Anatomy of the skin

Disorders of the skin

Maintaining the health of the skin

Facial Special Problems

Facial for dry skin

Facial for oily skin and blackheads

Facial for acne Aromatherapy

Face value

Classification & Chemistry of Skin Care Products

Cleansing products

Tonic lotions


Treatment and massage creams


Intensive care products

Client consultation

Classification of skin type

Facial Massage

Basic massage manipulation

Friction Viberation

Physiological effects of massage

Facial manipulations

Facial Treatments

Guidelines for facial treatments

Students will undergo practical and written exams to receive Seeme Academy Official Diploma



You will gain a Diploma in (Professional Skin Therapist accredited by Seeme Academy)

All Seeme certificates are recognised worldwide. Students can also apply in foreign academies or for job purposes.

 All products & equipment will be provided by Seeme Academy with no extra charges

  Duration : 4 Weeks

  Price : Rs.65,000/-


‘The Seeme Beauty Parlour“ consistently strives to exceed our clients’ expectations and pledges to reach above and beyond those needs, to be the absolute best we can be.